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This website was created from the ground up using HTML, Javascript, and CSS and is hosted with Firebase CLI.

This was a memory shell project I created for my Operating Systems class in the Fall 2021 Semester. The goal of this project was to create a console application in C that could hold up to 10 variables the user could store and call. In addition, the user must be able to run compiled C programs inside the shell by passing in the name of the compiled file.



This is a C# project I created on my own initiative. I created this project because I wanted to understand how C# compared to other OOP languages such as Java and Dart. There is no main goal of the project, and is mainly here to demonstrate the different functionalities of C# including user input, classes, extending classes, and a Lomuto Partition algorithm.



This was my final project for Data Systems in the Fall 2021 semester. The goal of this project was to create an application that used either a csv file or API to retrieve data of a certain subject, parse through the data, and create queries that provided information based on the given data. This project was open ended, so my partner and I decided to use Riot's API for the video game League of Legends. This project takes the information for an inputted user, retrieves their match data for the past 10 games, then turns that information into a series of graphs and queries. While this program's GET request does not work anymore, you can register a new api key at https://developer.riotgames.com if you are interested in seeing the program work properly.



This is a Flutter application demonstrating a simple login and registration design. The user can make multiple accounts saved onto the local device. If a login is successful, the user is brought to a new screen.