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My name is Charles Cvitkovich, and I am currently a Programmer/Analyst 2 at Huntington National Bank. My main focuses in Computer Science are mobile application development with Flutter, software engineering, website development, server-side integration, application development for Windows and macOS, and multimedia programming. If you are interested in some projects I have worked on, go to the projects tab in the top left corner.


Huntington National Bank

May 2022 - Present
Programmer/Analyst 2

My current position is at Huntington National Bank as a Programmer/Analyst 2. Here, I am responsible for development of Huntington's mobile application on iOS and Android using Flutter. Some things I have learned in this position are:


January 2021 - May 2022
Mobile Application Developer Intern

At GXC, I was mainly responsible for development of GXC's mobile application in flutter. This includes, but not limited to bug fixes, feature implementation, and posting updates to the iOS app store. On iOS, I have developed functionality for:

  • Subtitle and closed caption functionality
  • Improvements to file downloading from Wasabi s3 buckets
  • Search functionality for the video library
  • Channel content search
  • Video control improvements
  • File sharing and downloading
  • Client-server communication
  • Google sign-in on client side
  • Apple sign-in on client and server side
  • Video recording with thumbnail generation and uploading capabilities to GXC
  • Firebase messaging
  • Local database storage with sqlite
  • Creation of server requests using JSON data

I was also responsible for maintenance of GXC's website. On GXC's desktop application for Windows and macOS, I worked on a thumbnail generator for videos and improvements to GXC's channel content search functionality. Most changes server-side were to integrate the server with GXC's iOS application. This includes updates to the server's database to store user information.

Baldwin Wallace University User Experience Research Group

January 2021 - December 2021
Student team member

In BW's User Experience research group, I was a student team member responsible for conducting the first study in BW's User Experience Research Lab in a group with four other students. The Spring 2021 semester consisted of assisting in setting up the lab for research and deciding on an initial test. We decided to conduct research on the new Ritter Library website that was to be deployed in the Summer of 2021. Our goal was to determine if the new changes to the website were beneficial to the user experience navigating the website, and if additional changes were required. My main responsibilities during testing was to assist participants during testing, creating flyers and the UXr logo, and I received training on how to use the Tobii Lab Pro software.